Port Implantation

Implantable ports are intended for patients who require long-term intravenous (IV) medication. The port is usually placed just under the skin on the upper part of the chest wall. Navilyst Medical's Vaxcel® Ports with PASV® Valve Technology provide features critical to positive outcomes for patients requiring venous access. The Vaxcel Port with PASV Valve Technology has a proximally located, direction-specific valve that is designed to resist backflow and maintain patency between uses.

See Prescriptive Information regarding specific Navilyst Medical product indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. Please refer to Directions for Use.

Port Implantation - General Placement

Strict aseptic technique must be used during insertion procedure.

Implantable ports are used for patients who require long-term, infrequent
or intermittent central venous access.
This type of access may be needed:

  • for chemotherapeutic and bone marrow transplant protocols
  • for high-volume blood exchanges
  • for delivery of total parenteral nutrition (TPN)

Typically, implantable ports are used for patients who require protocols of intermittent infusions and blood samplings that extend over a period of time. As completely implanted devices, ports generally require less maintenance than tunneled catheters.

Implanted Ports - Typical Access Sites

Generally, for port implantation, the preferred veins for central access are the right internal jugular (RIJ), left internal jugular (LIJ), right subclavian (RSCV), and left subclavian (LSCV)—in that order.


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Image Gallery
Port Infusion
The PASV® Valve is designed to automatically close after infusion or upon disconnection.
Illustration of Implanted Vaxcel® Port
Implanted Vaxcel® Port shows enlarged target area and geometric design for enhanced patient comfort.
Port Aspiration
The PASV® Valve is designed to automatically close after sampling.
Port Closed
The PASV® Valve is designed to automatically remain closed during normal pressure fluctuations.