Interventional Radiology/Oncology

A decade ago, our team invented a groundbreaking vascular access device safety performance feature with our Pressure Activated Safety Valve (PASV®) technology. As Navilyst Medical, we know that this proven valve technology can be essential to compliance with the newest Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals and stricter CMS reimbursement policies governing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) or Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections (CR-BSIs). Our devices are proven to make a difference - and we back that statement with excellent customer support, clinical training and results.

Xcela® Power Injectable PICC
The Xcela Power Injectable PICC is powered for confidence. With fundamental PICC requirements as its foundation, it is also designed to deliver the flow rates required for successful contrast-enhanced CTs. Xcela PICCs are offered in a broad range of sizes and kit configurations for a variety of placement settings, insertion techniques and patient clinical requirements.

Vaxcel® Port with PASV® Valve
The Vaxcel Port with PASV, with its proprietary proximal valve technology, provides access to the central venous system for the administration of critical drugs.


More Customized PICC Convenience Kits
For some clinicians, an off-the-shelf kit is not ideal to meet their preferred PICC placement procedures. Navilyst Medical's PICC convenience kit program allows customers to choose from an extensive menu of high quality accessories for PICC placement including accessories that provide for maximal sterile barrier - ensuring easy preparation and efficient bedside placements.


3 French Vaxcel® PICC with PASV®
The newest catheter of our PICC product line extends the application of legendary PASV® valve technology to pediatric and elderly patients who tend to have increased risk of infection due to immature or weakened immune systems. Reduce your catheter occlusions and protect catheter patency with the reliability of our PASV® products.