PICC Catheter and Site Care

Catheter and insertion site care for Navilyst Medical's valved and non-valved PICCs vary, and product directions should be followed carefully. Attending nurses should always consult the full directions for use for each product. Specific instructions for the patient are provided by the doctor or nurse, but a general summary is included in this section.

See Prescriptive Information regarding specific Navilyst Medical product indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. Please refer to Directions for Use for more complete information.

It is important that both the catheter and insertion site are cared for post-insertion. The dressing should be changed any time it becomes loose, soiled, or wet and at least one time every week. The catheter should never be left uncapped.  Replace the cap if it becomes loose, comes off, or is leaking. The end caps should be changed per the manufacturer’s protocol.


Intermediate and Custom Kits - Vaxcel® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology
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PASV® Valve Technology in Vaxcel® PICCs
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Vaxcel® PICCs with PASV® Valve
Vaxcel® PICCs with PASV® Valve available with single or dual lumen options.
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