Power Injection
This overview of the power injection procedure for Navilyst Medical's Xcela® Power Injectable PICC will help aid CT Technologists as they prepare for a Contrast-Enhanced CT. CT Techs should always consult the Directions for Use if guidance is needed.

See Prescriptive Information regarding specific Navilyst Medical product indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. Please refer to Directions for Use for more complete information.

The Xcela® PICC is indicated for the power injection of contrast media. Prior to power injection, the CT Tech should ensure that the power injector is programmed appropriately and the contrast is warmed to body temperature. He/she should inspect the catheter for damage and ensure the catheter is patent by aspirating for blood flashback. The PICC should also be flushed prior to power injection. Once patency is confirmed, proceed with power injection. It is important to flush the catheter after the power injection as described under "Device Flushing Protocol." 



Directions for Use - Xcela®  Power Injectable PICC
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