Fluid Management Overview

In today's dynamic medical environment, there's no time to question device quality or the utility of the set-up. That's why NAMIC® Fluid Management Systems are constructed for confidence in angiographic procedures. Since 1969, NAMIC Products have been the most widely used in the industry. With features that answer clinical and operational needs, our products meet the true challenges of your cardiology and radiology labs.


The most trusted line of products is also the most flexible. NAMIC Kits are assembled to your specifications to meet your standards of care. Optimize your set-up with the Squeeze Contrast Controller™, Compensator™ Manifold and our OSHA-compliant Closed Fluid Systems. You can feel confident with NAMIC Products in your lab and Navilyst Medical as your partner in patient care.


Angiographic Core Wires Compensator™ MORSE® Manifold
Closed Fluid Systems Interventional Necessities
Contrast Injection Lines Manifold/Syringes
Perceptor® DT Disposable Transducers SqueezeContrast Controller
Accessories Standard Peripheral Vascular Angiographic Kits

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Navilyst Medical will continue to innovate and improve the “Gold Standard” NAMIC® Product Line, which over the past 30 years, cardiologists, radiologists, technicians and nurses have come to trust.
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