Xcela® Power Injectable Ports

Treat Your Patients with Confidence

Now you can decide which port size, design or material is best suited for your patients. Select Xcela® Power Injectable Ports and discover the power of choice.

Plastic - Light weight for patient comfort and provides radiolucence for improved imaging

Hybrid of Plastic and Titanium - Combines the light weight and radiolucence of plastic with the durability of titanium

Standard Titanium - Offers a small footprint without compromising septum size for ease of access

Low Profile Titanium - Offers the smallest footprint, providing increased patient comfort and options for placement

Dual Lumen Plastic - Designed to deliver supportive therapies

Be confident with precise port engineering

  • Catheter-to-port click connector provides tactile confirmation of connection
  • Tapered catheter tip is designed for easier direct vein access, atraumatic catheter advancement and reduced vessel adherence
  • Durable polyurethane catheter available in 6.6 F and 8 F single lumen options. Dual lumen design available with a 9.6 F catheter.

Enhance your patients' safety and comfort

  • Soft, silicone-filled suture holes to help inhibit tissue growth to facilitate
    port explant
  • Port design facilitates easier palpation of the septum
  • Power injectable up to 5 mL/sec at 300 psi

Easily identify critical information

  • Radiopaque "CT" lettering confirms if port is power injectable or flipped
  • Patient reminder band, ID card, key tag and record sticker provide added verification that the port is power injectable
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Xcela® Power Injectable Ports