Xcela® Power Injectable PICC

The Xcela Power Injectable PICC from Navilyst Medical is powered for confidence. With fundamental PICC requirements as its foundation, it is also designed to deliver the flow rates required for successful contrast-enhanced CTs.

Confidence in Power

With fundamental PICC requirements as its foundation, the Xcela PICC is also designed to deliver the power injection flow rates required for contrast-enhanced CTs.

Confidence in Performance

Advanced features such as large lumen diameters, reverse tapered catheter body and radiopacity are designed to augment catheter performance, from catheter placement to care and maintenance.

Confidence in Preference

With its broad range of sizes and kit configurations, the Xcela PICC provides options in a variety of placement settings, insertion techniques and patient clinical requirements.


Power Injectable

  • Designed to achieve flow rates for power injection necessary for contrast-enhanced CTs

Clear Extension Tubes

  • Early visualization of blood return

Low Profile Hub

  • Assists in easier hub manipulation
  • Designed with increased patient comfort in mind

2.5 cm Reverse Taper

  • Designed for kink resistance
  • Firm pushability for easier placement
  • Designed to minimize bleeding at the insertion site, but not occlude vessel
  • “0 cm” marker location reduces chance of suture wing insertion

Alcohol-Resistant Material

  • Durable
  • Designed to prolong catheter life
  • Compatible with most commonly used catheter care products

Large Lumen Diameters

  • Designed to provide greater flow rates at lower pressures
  • Developed to reduce risk of catheter occlusion
  • Designed for easier blood withdrawal


  • Designed for visualization under fluoroscopic guidance and chest x-ray

Device Illustration

Xcela Power Injectable PICC


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For Bedside Placement
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Large Lumen Diameters
Large lumen diameters are designed to provide greater flow rates at lower pressures. Also developed to reduce risk of catheter occlusion and are designed for easier blood withdrawal.