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Strategic Intent

Navilyst Medical will be the choice provider of innovative solutions for image-guided interventions delivering superior outcomes and reducing healthcare costs for medical professionals and their patients.


With a focus on the vascular (circulatory) system, Navilyst Medical’s technologies have an abundance of clinical applications. Its products are used in 76 countries by healthcare providers including interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists, oncologists, surgeons, IV nurses, and oncology nurses. In addition, infection preventionists, vascular access technicians and hospital administrators rely on Navilyst Medical products and clinical training to address the upcoming change by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which will no longer reimburse charges associated with catheter-related bloodstream infections (CR-BSIs).


Commitment to Clinical Training and Preventing Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections (CR-BSIs)

Navilyst Medical recognizes that proper care and maintenance of central venous catheters and other devices are critical to infection control. The company works hand-in-hand with its customers to provide up-to-date education as part of a hospital’s overall infection prevention strategy.


Dedicated to Employee Health & Well-Being

As a healthcare company, Navilyst Medical is dedicated to improving the quality of patient care through innovative medical devices. The health and well-being of our employees is equally important. We believe that investing in prevention and wellness programs makes sense for both our employees and our business. Healthy employees generally experience a better quality of life and higher personal productivity, while early diagnosis of health problems can result in faster recovery and reduced medical costs.

Employee health and well-being is a top company priority. Our wellness strategy aims to create a culture that fosters healthy lifestyles and reduces health risks for our employees and their families. We offer comprehensive health and welfare benefits, diet and exercise program reimbursement and a range of onsite activities to promote well being.

NAMIC®Fluid Management Products: Percutaneous Drainage Products:
Manifold Systems Exodus® Drainage Cagtheters
Contrast Management Systems Vascular Access Products:
Fluid Delivery Systems Vaxcel® Ports with PASV® Technology
Collection Systems Vaxcel® PICCs with PASV® Technology
Pressure Monitoring Lines Vaxcel® Chronic Dialysis Catheters
Interventional Accessories Mini-Sticktm Micro-Introducers
Custom Kitting Program Xcela® Power Injectable PICC
Cardiovascular Kits Xcela® Power Injectable Port
Guidewire Insertion Tools Convenience Kitting Program
Angiographic Core Wires Xcela® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology
Angiographic Control Syringes Ultrasound Transducer Covers & Needle Kits

US Workforce:

800 FTEs


26 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA 01752


Glens Falls, NY
Global OEM partners


February 2008 (privately held)


Xcela® Power Injectable Ports
For clinicians who seek power injectability, Navilyst Medical’s new Xcela® Power Injectable Ports deliver the widest array of port options to satisfy the demands of physician preferences and patient characteristics.


EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set
A unique dual-action safety mechanism reduces exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The safety shield prevents accidental needle sticks followed by a protective cover which surrounds the entire needle after withdrawal to contain aerosolized or splattered infusion fluids and blood. The EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set is compatible with any standard or power injectable port, including our new Xcela® Power Injectable Port and is rated for up to 5mL/sec at 300 psi for contrast-enhanced CT imaging procedures.